2017 Honda Civic Si: Sport Touring Hatch Time Did Not Come

All eyes are on the Honda Civic Si and the Honda Civic Type R right now which means nobody is looking at the top of the range Civic model we have now like the Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback.

Although we like what the Sport Touring hatch model has to offer, it is not as impressive especially when you compare it to the Honda Civic SI concept that Honda showed off at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Even though it is just a concept, most people believe that the production model will probably look almost identical to the concept seen at the show. Then there is the Honda Civic Type R which is shaping up to be the performance model that everybody wants to own. There is not a whole lot of detial about these two right now but more details will be reveal soon.

With all these coming soon, why would anybody go for the Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatch?

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