2017 Ford Ranger Ignore, Bronco Getting More Attention

We are sure that most people would have heard of it now but if you have not, here it is. It is believed that Ford will be bringing back the Ford Ranger into the US so that it can compete with models like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado. It was also added that production for the Ford Ranger will start in 2017.

However, that is not what the people are actually getting excited about. While it is nice to see a new truck joining the fight, most people are more interested in the rumor about Ford looking to build a new SUV based on the Ford Ranger. It is believed that the new SUV could possibly be the Ford Bronco.

Ford Bronco fans have been asking for Ford to bring the Bronco back into the market ever since they teased us all with the concept a few years ago and now it looks like their wish might come true.

If Ford does decide to build a Ford Bronco, it is said that its production will only start one year after the truck.

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