2017 Ford Mustang: V8 The Only Option?

The Ford Mustang comes with a few engine option. There is the V6 as well as the V8 option. If you were to look at what both models have to offer, it does feel like you will be getting more out of the V8, so why go for the V6?

Of course, the most obvious reason is because the V6 is a little more affordable compared to the V8. Some V6 owners are said that the reason they got the V6 was because they felt like they already had more than enough with the V6 and they did not feel like they needed a V8.

Then there is the issue about the fuel economy of the vehicle but if you are already looking to get the Mustang, the fuel economy is probably not your top concern at that time.

The fact is that the V6 is still pretty impressive with its 300hp engine. Would you pick a V8 over a V6 or do you think the V6 is more than enough?

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