2017 Ford Mustang Driver At Risk, Recall Issued

What use is the door when it can’t even keep the driver in when the time comes? Ford has now issued a recall after they discovered the issue with their driver side door.

According to the reported, the return spring in the interior door handle of the driver might have been fitted on incorrectly which could cause the door to unlatch if the vehicle was hit on the side.

Ford added that no injuries and accident caused by the issue has been reported yet. The recall will affect those made between the 13th of January and the 31st of January this year. A total of 5756 units of Mustang will be recalled here in North America.

Those affected will be getting a new left-hand interior door handle spring for free. We do not know when Ford will start fixing their models but if your Mustang falls under the dates, you might want to be extra careful for now.

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