2017 Ford Mustang Decline Leads To Production Halt

Ford has exceeded a lot of our expectation when it came to the Ford Mustang but now that it has been around for a few years, sales are starting to drop and that had forced Ford to halt their Ford Mustang production.

Ford announce that they will be shutting down the Ford Mustang factory in Michigan for a while week after the sales numbers dropped by 32% in September. That is not the only bad news for Ford either, because of the 32% drop in sales, Chevrolet Camaro finally manages to get ahead of the Ford Mustang after two years of trailing behind them.

The plant will resume its production of the Ford Mustang on the 17th of October. The workers at the plant will still be getting paid even though the plant was shut down for a week.

It is believed that Ford is not the only one that has been affected by the weakening of the US Auto Market and many believe that the US Auto industry will not be able to match the record they set last year.

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