2017 Ford Focus Electric Also Surpasses Nissan Leaf Range

The Nissan Leaf was one of the top EV models in the market but Nissan reluctance to give it a proper upgrade means that their rival has more than enough opportunity to catch up and take them down. The last model to surpass the Nissan Leaf is the new 2017 Ford Focus Electric.

Ford has just announced that their 2017 Ford Focus Electric will be coming in with a 23kWh battery that will allow the car to travel for 115miles on a full charge. The Nissan Leaf is capable of traveling for 107miles on a full charge which means the Ford Focus Electric is the true winner here.

The previous Ford Focus Electric could only last for 76miles so this is a huge jump. Ford also added that the vehicle can recover 75miles with 30minutes of charging although it will take up 5.5hours to be fully charged.

The new Ford Focus Electic will now retail for $29,120.

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