2017 Ford Fiesta ST VS Focus ST: Day & Night

Both the Fiesta ST and the Focus ST might both be from Ford but that does not mean that both of them will be able to offer their customers the same kind things. The Ford Fiesta ST got a lot of attention when it was first released mainly because of how fun it is to drive but is that going to be enough.

Some consumers think that even though the Fiesta ST is one fun model to drive, the cheap and plasticky interior has put them off the Fiesta ST. Some might argue that Ford never did promise that the Ford Fiesta ST was going to look and feel great on the inside but would you really go for the Fiesta ST after looking at what the Focus ST has to offer?

Not only will the Ford Focus ST come with a more powerful engine under the hood but the Focus ST also comes with a better interior. The Ford Fiesta ST model will retail for $21,610 while the Ford Focus ST model will retail for $24,775. So which model will you choose?

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