2017 Ford F-150: Not The Only Loser Here

The Ford Mustang was the first Ford model to get their production temporarily shut down but they won’t be the last.

It has been reported that the Ford F-150’s production line will also be temporarily shut down. Not all Ford F-150 plant will be affected. Only the Kansas City facility will be shut down. Besides the Ford F-150, Ford will also be shutting down the production of the Ford Escape crossover and the Lincoln MKC Louisville for at least two weeks.

Two other plans in Mexico will also be temporarily shut down. The affected plant was in charge of building the Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fiesta as well as the Ford Fusion. Ford predicted that things will get even worst as Honda and Nissan get ready to release the upgraded Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue.

The shutting down of the plant will also mean that Ford will have to layoff a large number of their employees.

Steven Estevez

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