2017 Dodge Dart: What Are The Owners Saying?

Just by mentioning that you are looking to get a Dodge Dart, you are opening the door to a never-ending stream of negative comments. From it being unreliable to it being ugly. It seems like all the public can say about the Dodge Dart is its affordable pricing but what are those with a Dodge Dart thinks of the vehicle.

Well, some people went on Reddit on commenting about what they think of the Dodge Dart and according to the users, the Dodge Dart is really not as bad as you think. For that price, you will be getting a vehicle that has good fuel economy, acceptable performance as a decent amount of features.

A lot of them seems to be recommending the 1.4-liter engine with the six-speed manual. Of course, there are others who had a bad experience with the vehicle as well, from it breaking down to faulty interior features.

Will you ever pick up a Dodge Dart?

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