2017 Corvette AeroWagen: Ugly Or Nice?

While Chevrolet has never indicated that a Corvette Wagon is on the way, but that does not mean that people will stop dreaming. The good news is that those that are hoping to own one now and do so thanks to the helped of Callaway Cars.

Called the AeroWagen, Callaway Cars has announced that they are ready to turn any C7 Vette model into an AeroWagen model. The upgrade will include a wraparound rear glass with defroster as well as other upgrades like the Callaway carbon fiber AeroSpoiler.

The standard kit will retail for $14,990. For those looking for something, even more, head turning, Callaway Cars are offering to paint the vehicle any Corvette OE color. If you plan to go for that, the price will go up to $2980.

While the upgrade is not a big as we would like it to, this is probably the closest we will get from a Corvette shooting brake model.

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