2017 Chevrolet Bolt: When Will EV Start Looking Normal?

The thing about EV models is that there are not the most appealing cars in the market. It does seem like the automakers had decided that all EV models should look like oddballs and that they don’t deserve to be normal.

While most people are attracted by the fuel economy of these EV models, its design has been one of the reasons why people are reluctant to make the jump. We know that the Chevrolet Bolt will be coming in with an electric engine that will offer about 238miles of range.

The concern that most people seem to have about the Chevrolet Bolt right now is whether or not it will be given is slightly more normal looking design. Some like we would see on a standard compact model.

It is estimated that the Chevrolet Bolt will be coming in with a $37,495 price tag.

Steven Estevez

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