2017 Chevrolet Bolt Take Go Head On With Pacifica Hybrid

We know that Chrysler is now wrapping up their test for the Pacifica Hybrid. The last we heard, the upcoming hybrid model was going through its final stages of testing which means it should not be too far away now.

However, it looks like Chrysler is not the only automaker trying to get their hybrid model out before the holiday season ends. New reports are suggesting that Chevrolet is also working hard to make sure their Chevrolet Bolt arrives on time as well.

Keyes Chevrolet, a Southern California-based dealer did announce not too long ago that they are ready to take in pre-orders for the Chevrolet Bolt. According to the announcement, the will have 78units to offer although 35units were already taken.

The Southern California dealer is not the only one that has hinted that the Bolt is on the way. A Silicon Valley dealer also confirm that they are getting an initial allocation and that the Bolt is on the way.

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