2016 Chevrolet Lova Overshadowed By Camaro & Silverado Launches

During the fourth quarter of this year, SAIC-GM will bring a new Chevrolet model onto the Chinese market.

The Chinese call the Chevrolet Lova RV a recreational vehicle (RV). In Europe this would be translated as MVPs and in the US they would be called minivans. It could be classed as a crossover as well considering that it is based on an all-new utility vehicle platform.

The SAIC-GM joint venture will help to meet growing demand, Chinese young car buyers in particular, for a vehicle which they can get fun out of in their spare time.

The Chevrolet Lova RV has a longer wheelbase than the Lova sedan (China’s first-generation Aveo sedan) to help provide passengers enough room for themselves and their belongings. As far as the design is concerned, it is certainly not an unforgettable view, and the only thing mentioned in the release is the floating roofline that “adds a sense of fashion to the exterior.”

No technical information has been given, however we expect to find out more in the next few weeks as we approach its mid-November launch date during the Guangzhou Auto Show.

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