2015 Jeep Wrangler Gets Aluminium Treatment

Jeep vehicles have long served the masses as a dependable, reliable and sturdy mode of transport. Soon, this is going to change as the upcoming Wrangler is apparently going soft.

It appears that Jeep is giving the Wrangler a weight loss program as they look to pursue better fuel mileage and power output. Jeep engineers are working day and night to remove as much weight as possible, while ensuring that the Wrangler remains to be a champion in the off-road segment.

The all-American company revealed that they will be giving the Wrangler an Aluminium body, a raked nose and windscreen to reduce the weight, improve aerodynamics and increase petrol mileage.

On the downside of things, opting for aluminium might not make the Wrangler as sturdy as before. Fans wouldn’t like the idea of driving a Jeep that comes with so many dents after a single off-road expedition.

The motor resting under the Wrangler’s hood will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. There will also be an option for a four-cylinder diesel mill.

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