2015 Apple MacBook Pro To Include Skylake Technology

When Q3 comes around this year, Apple will start developing the next-gen MacBook Pro. Things appear to be looking up for the laptop as it has the ossibility of becoming the first machine to be run by Intel’s Skylake technology.

Intel had just revealed that production of the 14nm nanochips named Skylake has already started and is predicted to be ready by the end of June. If that timing is correct then Apple have more than enough time to combine the smaller nanochips with the next-gen MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro will include many new features due to having Skylake on their side. The main ones being that it will be more fuel efficient and have a faster processing speed.

Now it all comes to the timing for Apple MacBook Pro and the Intel Skylake and fans are keeping their fingers crossed. If Apple do succeed in releasing the new MacBook Pro along with Skylake technology then there’s no doubt it will probably make the laptop most powerful mobile computer to have ever existed.

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