1st Gen Moto X Prices Hits Rock Bottom

Consumers that are looking to purchase the first generation Moto X should do so now as there is a promotion going on and it sees the smartphone retailing at only $360. To make things sweeter, the Moto X is an unlocked model so consumers don’t have to worry about committing to a contract.

Amazingly, this is a $140 discount from the original price of the device. The deal is being offered at MCYBERMONDAY-US and you can head down to the website to confirm your purchase for the first generation Moto X.

Upon doing so, you will get a confirmation email and once the purchase is finalized, it will take a week before the Moto X gets delivered to your door step.

Furthermore, you can also indulge yourself with tons of Moto X accessories to choose from. Regardless of which you pick, the accessories will come with a 30% discount if purchased with the first generation Motorola Moto X.

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