Resident Evil 7: A Great Future Awaits

The last Resident Evil trilogy is regarded as a major disappointment for most of the fans as it came out with a fast-paced action gameplay with total disregard for the traditional horror genre. Capcom is aware of the heavy criticism and promises to rectify their ways with the future Resident Evil 7.

This upcoming sequel is confirmed to take players back to the past where horror runs the show. Capcom teased on this yesterday when they announced that Resident Evil 7 will actually be a remake of the series’ first trilogy.

This is further evident if fans are to check out the leaked screenshot of the game’s main menu that shows the first trilogy waiting to be played. Then again, the screenshot suggests that the game wouldn’t be called Resident Evil 7 but Resident Evil: Zero instead.

Aside from the leaks and teasers, fans can also check out the rumours on the game. The word is that Resident Evil 7 will be making its debut on January 20 later this week. However, the rumours can be wrong so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.

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