17-inch MacBook Pro Discontinued: Here’s Why!

Last year, fans of the MacBook Pro were left devastated as Apple failed to launch a new 17” model. This is not surprising as the 17” MacBook Pro has been a slow seller back in 2013.

When compared to the 13” and 15” MacBook Pro, the 17” sells miserably and it only appeals to a small minority. Perhaps, the 17” failed to meet Apple’s sales expectation that has hence led to it cancellation.

Continuing with the 17” model will only be a mistake on Apple’s end and it will create more losses than profits for the company. This is because developing the 17” MacBook Pro requires large amount of R&D, electronic design, component design and tons of funding for the assembly line.

As such, we don’t expect the 17” MacBook Pro to return this year as well. Those that prefers the largest screen in the range will have to settle for the 15” model from here onwards.

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