Nintendo Game Boy Resurrected With Google’s Android Innerds

While it is always great to hear when a developer manages to successfully root a smartphone or tablet and get the latest version of Android running on it unofficially, it is a whole different thing to do it on other non-Android gadgets.

Nintendo Game Boy runs Android in cool hack

As is the case with this super cool Nintendo Game Boy that runs Android 2.1. The hack was accomplished by XDA-Developers member “flexoduss,” and before you ask how Android manage to run on such old hardware, read on.

Now this isn’t exactly what it looks like. There’s actually Motorola MB511 Flipout hardware running underneath which the hacker manage to squeeze into the classic gaming device. However the trick here was to get Android working wit the GameBoy’s control buttons and that is what Flexoduss is currently working on.

Unfortunately for those interested in replicating this, there doesn’t seem to be much detail in the thread as to how this was done. At the moment flexoduss is trying to get a charging port in and soon a microphone to turn it into an actual phone. We’ll be following this story and hopefully more details are added to the thread eventually.


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