Should You Wait For iPhone 5 Or Just Get The 4S?

While the iPad 3 appears to have taken over the Apple rumor mill thanks to reports that suggest its release may now only be a couple of weeks away, the iPhone is without a doubt Apple’s top selling iOS device and is what has the Cupertino-based company shattering sales records year after year.

Wait for iPhone 5 or spring for the iPhone 4S?

This time around, rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will launch sometime this summer, hinting that Apple may be returning to its old WWDC launch schedule instead of the unexpected fall release of the iPhone 4S. With a couple of months to go though, the big question is should you give in and get the iPhone 4S now or wait for the iPhone 5 to arrive?

The short answer is wait. Now while I usually tell readers it is pointless to wait for the “next best thing” since there will always be something better and you will never know when to take the plunge, in the case of the iPhone 5 I would strongly suggesting holding off buying the current iPhone. Here’s why.

While the iPhone 4S has become the highest selling iPhone models of all-time already, given that it looks identical to the iPhone 4 we can bet that the iPhone 5 will get redesigned from the ground up. Furthermore, we’ve been hearing rumors of a new larger display for sometime now and it all appears to be pointing towards the iPhone 5. The same goes with 4G LTE and NFC support.

Lastly, if the iPhone 5 does in fact debut in June, holding off your purchase until then would mean that the iPhone 4S will be available for a lower price at the time. Given the late release of the iPhone 4S and reports that the iPhone 5 will be back to its summer launch, this is one instance where it may be clever to wait before signing that 2-year agreement.

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