Big Google TV Announcement Tomorrow; Apple TV Disappearing From Stores

Google has taken to the most unlikely source, Facebook, to announce that there is a big Google TV announcement tomorrow. No word yet on what it could be but we’re guessing possibly an update, new partner or even that rumored Google home entertainment device which leaked earlier last week.

New Google TV and Apple TV updates coming?

Simultaneously, 9to5Mac reports that the Apple TV appears to be disappearing from stores nationwide. When this usually happens, it is a signal that we could be seeing a new update. The blog even went as so far as to check with one of their Best Buy sources as to this anomaly and were told that not only were the Apple TV units running out in stores nationwide but no new orders are shipping in:

“A customer was inquiring tonight about Apple TV. However right now we are out of stock (Which hasn’t happened since I started). Not only were we out of stock, but I was also unable to order one from our product ordering system (OMS). Product was listed as “currently unavailable”. From prior experience, this usually is associated with a product that is being “discontinued”.”

So it looks like we may see a new Google TV and Apple TV around the same time, if not some major software updates for both. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.