5 Best iPhone 4S Cases On The Market

One of the best things about owning an iPhone 4S would have to be the unlimited number of case options for the device. In fact, choosing one can sometime become cumbersome. So here is our roundup of the 5 best iPhone 4S cases on the market. Do note that most of these cases are also offered for the almost identical iPhone 4.

5 best iPhone 4S cases (& iPhone 4)

LifeProof iPhone 4S case: According to LifeProof CEO Gary Rayner, this case cost over $2 million to develop. It is also the only case on our list that can boast being waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof and snowproof, despite its very slim design.

Ballistic Hard Core iPhone 4S Case: This case is perfect for those with butterfingers. Ballistic states that their HC iPhone 4S case is in fact tougher than the Otterbox range as it offer 4 layers of protection versus 2. And judging by the look of the case, we may have to believe them. Price: $49.99.

Element Ion 4 iPhone 4S case: Given the thousand of iPhone 4S cases in the market, Element attempts to stand out from the pack by offering ultratough protection but without the bulk and some added style. Featuring an inlaid back plate made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, while it may not be as rugged as the Ballistic HC, it does well for something this slim.

SwitchEasy iPhone 4S case: Dubbed the CapsuleRebel case, it has “brand-new materials and radical design methods to protect your iPhone with a cover-all hard shell exoskeleton frame made from tough polycarbonate.” Price: $27.99.

Seidio iPhone 4 Convert Combo: Featuring a three-layered design, the intial layer is in fact the Innocase Surface case which means you can strip the others down and go thin whenever you want to, hence why it’s called a “convertible” case.