Official Samsung Galaxy Note US Signup Page Now Live!

While the concept of a smartphone with almost tablet proportions and a stylus may seem like it won’t appeal to everyone, the Samsung Galaxy Note has taken the phone market by storm and even taken attention away from its top selling sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

US Samsung Galaxy Note signup page now live

And just like the Samsung Galaxy S2 which only landed in the US months after making its official debut overseas, the same is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The good news is that while its US plans were unofficial when the phone was first launched, Samsung Mobile USA has gone ahead and confirmed that the giant phone will be making its way to the US.

That’s not all though. Earlier today, the official Samsung Mobile USA Twitter account had the following tweet to post: “Want the #GalaxyNote? Sign up here for all email announcements and don’t miss a thing!”

The rumor mill hints that we will likely see the Samsung Galaxy Note make its way to Verizon and Sprint however the verdict isn’t out yet. We’ll keep you posted as more develops on its destination and possible release date.

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