Official G-Shock Android Phone Can Survive 10ft Drop, Carry 1 Ton Of Weight [PICS]

If you thought the Casio G’z0ne would be the manliest phone you could get your hands on then think again as a new G-Shock Android phone is apparently in the works.

Official G-Shock Android smartphone in the works

Unveiled at CES 2012 a few weeks ago, the G-Shock phone which runs Android can reportedly function 10 meters underwater, withstand a 10 foot drop, and can hold up a full ton of weight.

While its design may not appeal to everyone, although we are certain G-Shock watch fans will love it, the unique design will certainly help it stand out from the masses.

Not much else is known about the G-Shock phone although the folks over at have these preliminary specs: “Android OS, Shock resistant to 10 feet, Water resistant to 1.0 bar = 10m, Pressure resistant to 1.0 bar, Metal caseback, Plastic / resin construction, Camera and flash”.

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