Doomed Cruise Ship “Costa Concordia” Hits eBay

eBay has been well known to have strange objects go up on sale every now and then. From fingernails to potato chips that resemble famous celebrities, the auction site now has a new weird listing to add to its bag, the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia.

Aussie lists cruise ship Costa Concordia listed on eBay as a joke

Listed temporarily by an Australian before eBay pulled the listing, the ship reached a bid price of $1008.88 over the six days it remained online before being delisted. The listing was of course a cruel joke as could be seen from the title: “Costa Concordia, FOR SALE, BUYER TO COLLECT”.

The Aussie stated that the ship had one “careful owner” and was even joking around with bidders who left questions for him on the listing. According to an eBay spokesperson, the ad was taken down as it was found inappropriate for the website: “eBay does not permit listings that attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering.” Check out the screen grab below.

There was a warning on the listing stating it was “obviously a fake and should not be taken seriously”.