Apple Media Event Confirmed For Jan 19th, Looks iPad Focused

The folks over at Cupertino-based company Apple have gone ahead and confirmed to journalists that a special media event will be held in the Big Apple for something educational.

The invitation was sent out earlier this week and have since got the rumor mill churning out possibilities in high gear. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to go on given that the invite mentioned “education” and what most journalists were originally expecting was in the lines of an iPad 3, iPhone 5 or possibly a new device altogether.

Special Apple Media Event: iPad 3 for students? iPad text-books?

Given that Apple events are pretty rare and usually reserved to showcase new event or huge features, the blogosphere is betting on two possibilities – an iPad for students or possibly iPad-dedicated textbooks.

Given that the iPad continues to be grow strong as an educational tool, as well as the high price of textbooks, both possibilities could mean big profits for the fruit company.

The upcoming Apple event which is scheduled for January 19 marks as the second Apple event with Tim Cook at the helm after the iPhone 4S launch back in October 2011. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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