Google Engineer Debunks Android Battery Life Tips

It was not long ago that Google engineer, Dianne Hackborn, explained the inner workings of hardware acceleration on the Android operating system. Now the Google engineer has taken to debunking another myth, this time to do with battery life.

Google engineer lays rest to popular Android battery life tip

Hackborn took to Google+ to clarify a battery life tip that was floating around just about every Android forum: wiping your battery stats in order to enhance battery life.

The myth here was that when for example you charged your Android device up to 80 percent and then unplugged it, the device would remember that level as “fully charged.” So doing a wipe of the battery stats (using ClockWord Mod recovery), your Android device would forget about that lower level and instead allow for a 100 percent charge once again. Hence bettery Android battery life. Here is how Hackborn explained it:

“The battery indicator in the status/notification bar is a reflection of the batterystats.bin file in the data/system/ directory.”

Well it looks like that myth has been debunked. According to the Google engineer, because those stats that were stored in the file are just to maintain information about what is using the battery, it doesn’t do anything more than hold the information you see in the Settings > Battery screen. So if anything, what you were experiencing was a placebo effect.

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