HTC One X Multitasking Broken & HTC Won’t Help

One of the most powerful of smartphones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the HTC One X. It comes with a quad core processor, a powerful camera and 1GB of RAM and should technically have superb multi-tasking capabilities.

HTC One X multitasking broken

Now usually the downside to powerful smartphones is a lack of battery life. However this is not the case with the HTC One X and users at XDA Developers have found out why this may be the case. The Sense user interface has tweaked the multitasking feature added into Android 4.0 and it performs differently. Power users of the handset have found that this feature is closing apps quicker than expected and have been in touch with HTC about the matter.

The official response from HTC was that they were aware of questions being asked in the community forum about how multi-tasking and memory management for apps in the background. Multitasking is apparently working as it should says HTC according to custom memory management specifications. These balance the core features of Ice Cream Sandwich to ensure there is a consistent HTC Sense experience.

Therefore HTC is calling the aggressive closing of background apps by the One X a feature and not a bug given that it saves battery life. Personally, I would prefer to get back the standard multitasking abilities of Android 4.0 phones more than a slight improvement in battery life.

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