WWDC 2012 Fails To Impress On Many Levels

Apple delivered lots of exciting news during the WWDC 2012 including new MacBook Air and Pro models, and the operating systems OS X and iOS 6. But according to the LA Times, they also failed to deliver at lot too.

LA Times: “What Apple Didn’t Deliver”

Everyone had been buzzing about Apple TV and a lot of people thought that when the event was coming to its conclusion that Tim Cook would say “one last thing….” But sadly he did not and there was not mention of Apple TV. This would have been the perfect opportunity to bring Apple into people’s living rooms. BGR have said that a source has told them that Apple would release their SDK for their TV product sometime this week. This would mean that developers would be able to begin building apps for their TV platform. However there wasn’t a peep out of Tim Cook about it.

There had been some that were expecting updates to the entire Mac range of devices, this too was not so, in the limelight was the 15 inch MacBook Pro.

Of course maybe the announcement of the iPhone 5 was asking too much as it hasn’t even been a year yet since the iPhone 4S hit the market. Even with a fall release date more likely, there was not one mention of this happening. During the event, “No iPhone 5” was trending for a while with comments ranging from disappointment to even disbelief and mockery on Twitter.

For now all we can do is wait.

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