Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note Selling Like Hotcakes, S3 Bar Set High

The Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones have reached over 50 million, with the Galaxy Note having topped more than 7 million sales. How many units the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 will sell is anyone’s guess but it has attracted a great deal of pre-orders and is said to be one of the most pre-ordered Android phones of this year (claimed to be 9 million so far).

Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note selling strong, sets bar high for Galaxy S3

The first edition of the Galaxy S was revealed to the world in 2010 and it became a huge hit straight away, setting the path for other models to follow. In total, sales of this handset exceed 24 million devices. The Galaxy S2 overtook this when it sold 28 million units in only 13 months. This means that the Galaxy S2 was the single fastest selling device ever from Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is also popular reaching over 7 million units sold. Whether the latest incarnation of the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S3, will be as popular remains to be seen as many are left waiting its arrival following setbacks. Residents in the UK have seen delays with problems being reported with the battery cover of the blue version. Some versions of the phone will be shipped with 1GB RAM while others will have 2GB; this has upset some individuals as 2GB should have been the standard. However it is important to note that the 2GB version seem to be accompanied by dual-core processors and not quad-core like the one unveiled at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event back in early May.

Over here in the US, folks are still waiting for official word of the Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. At this time, rumors hint at a June 20 launch based on the fact that Canada will be getting it on that day. We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Protection Status