[OFFICIAL] Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits Stores In North America On June 20 First

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has launched in over 28 countries to day and expected to hit 130 more before June is up. While we are beginning to see a ton of new Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews hit the blogosphere as well as first hand comments from proud owners, folks over in North America have to sit back and watch the excitement given that there have been no official announcements from Samsung Mobile USA or Canada. Well that is until now.

Canada Samsung Galaxy S3 release date pegged for June 20, US release still open to speculation

There’s a lot of excitement in the Samsung Galaxy S3 news camp today, especially for Canadian buyers. Rogers unveiled a countdown timer for pre-orders and just now the Quebec-based regional network carrier Videotron has backed up the existing rumours of a June 20th release date. The network has posted a sign-up page that reads: “Samsung’s Galaxy S III – The New Galaxy Is Coming June 20th.”

And just as we anticipated, a huge flood of network carrier press releases has hit our inbox in the last few hours. TELUS sent us a note telling us that they’ll be launching the the Samsung Galaxy S3 on June 20th and that their models will be available in both the marble white and pebble blue versions (some regions only have the white versions just yet).

The carrier has also said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 1.5GHz dual core processor and will also be available with 16GB of memory for $159.99 or 32GB of memory for $209.99. These terms are both for three year contracts. TELUS has also decided to attract buyers by very ostentatiously waiving the $35 activation fee.

So there you are. The first Samsung Galaxy S3 to hit North America will be in 3 weeks. We wouldn’t be surprised if US carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile chime in with a US release date for the Galaxy S3 soon as well.

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