Apple Starts “App Store Free App Of The Week” Feature

Apple seem to be continuously expanding their range of apps, and recently some more categories have appears on the iOS App Store. The most exciting of these is the Free App of the week. They are all Editor’s Choice branding for selected apps.

Apple starts new ‘App Store Free App Of The Week’ showcase

Although some of them may not actually be new, just rebranded categories, there are some great new options. Take a look at the Editor’s Choice for some great suggestions. Apps that have taken on the branding include Cobook, the Facebook Camera, Sketchbook Ink, Chillingo’s Air Mail and Extreme Skater. This seems like there is something for everyone. Our favourite, as mentioned, is the Free App of the Week.

You may need to get a Twitter account for full details, as they are currently being released on the App Store’s official Twitter page. On the page they offer a free download of Cut The Rope: Experiments from ZeptoLap UK Limited, which is already a popular app. Cut The Rope: Experiments follows the award winning Cut The Rope by ZeptoLab, and is a fun game featuring Om Nom, a little monster discovered by a crazy scientist to perform experiments investigating his candy obsession. This is “free for a limited time” so if you don’t already have the app and you own an iPhone – get downloading.

If you follow @AppStore on Twitter you will be able to see the regular updates if you want to keep up to date on the free apps on offer. For now, if you want to “Cut the ropes, move robo arms, release candy into Om Nom’s mouth, collect shiny gold stars, and unlock new levels” then get over to the Free App of The Week in the App Store before it is too late!

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