Woman Catches iPhone Thief With iCloud After He Shoots Himself

A woman who had her iPhone stolen during a holiday aboard a cruise ship gave up all hopes of ever seeing the phone again. However according to CultofMac, that was before she saw pictures she had taken with the phone showing up on the Photo Stream online.

iPhone iCloud service captures thief on Photo Stream

The thief who had stolen the phone did not realise that photos taken on the phone were automatically uploaded to the iCloud service and the photos can then be viewed on any other device which has been authenticated. Owner of the iPhone, Katy McCaffrey, logged on to Photo Stream and was able to see into the world of the thief.

McCaffrey began a public photo album using the popular social media platform Facebook with the title of Stolen iPhone Adventure. In the album are twenty photos which the thief had taken while in possession of the stolen iPhone. The phone was stolen during a cruise in April and according to the photos the man actually works on-board the cruise ship. The thief has been caught red handed so to speak as he has posted photos of his girlfriend who also works on the ship, along with friends and even himself posing in front of a sunset. McCaffrey has been in touch with the cruise liner, Disney, and passed the photos onto them.

Word is that Disney has since fired the employee and the thief’s pregnant girlfriend is apparently engaged to someone else according to her Facebook profile status.