Samsung Galaxy Note Keeps Getting Better, Big Things Coming Our Way

With the rise of the “phablet”, the Galaxy Note has been gaining popularity for those who do prefer the features of the tablet combined with the smaller size of a smart phone.

Now that Samsung has successfully rolled out the Ice Cream Sandwich update, also known as Android 4.0, upgrade throughout parts of Asia and Europe, they have moved on to allowing device owners to obtain the ICD source code for their phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code released

For most of us, this means very little, however to developers it means a great deal. This will enable them to modify features on their device; creating custom ROMs and kernels with greater ease. Modifications can include increasing battery life and enhanced performance.

This has placed the Samsung Galaxy Note ahead of the game in terms of open source, and over the next few weeks the benefits will become apparent.

If you are a modder and you would like to have a gander at the source, visit the Open Source download pages on the Samsung website and you can download it from there. As for the rest of use, it may be time to root the Samsung Galaxy Note and keep a close eye on the XDA Developer forums and proud Galaxy Note modders begin unleashing their creations for you to mod your Note with.


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