Retailers Jump Gun, Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits Store Shelves Already In Selected Areas

For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 next week, you will be green with envy to hear that some shops have already got them out on their shelves. This news has come from a fellow named Yousuf Lootah who has informed TheVerge that he has in his possession one Galaxy S3, which he purchased for 2,499 AED (around 680 USD) from a store in Dubai. Despite not making any specific comments regarding features and functionality of the device, he has not made any complaints so we can safely assume that he is happy with it thus far.

Samsung Galaxy S3 already hits store shelves in Dubai

Although some of us would love to be the one in possession of the phone, it is at least a relief to know that it is definitely ready to be released onto the market. We had been concerned, as the rumor mill was running rife yesterday when we heard that Samsung may not be able to meet the deadline originally set of May 29th due to overwhelming demand.

This may not have helped you decide whether or not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 yourself, so it may be worth waiting for some reviews to roll in. Also, for those of you with a lower budget, who are not quite willing to make the compromise, we can recommend the Galaxy Nexus, on which you are guaranteed faster updates as it runs stock Android. If you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, head over to Google Play where it is stocked for a bargain $399 unlocked. Another word of advice for those phone-hunting: if you’re interested in the HTC One X, we highly recommend that you go for the American version with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 rather than the international quad-core variant (more isn’t always better).

The Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we look forward to some full reviews of the phone next week with anticipation (as well as some cases to hide its questionable exterior design cues).


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