‘Sexiest Man Alive’ George Clooney Sports A Samsung Galaxy Nexus [PICS]

Once voted sexiest man alive, actor George Clooney was recently caught sporting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with his co-star, a dog, in what may very well be a TV commercial for the device.

George Clooney sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in latest commercial 

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus in question had its Samsung logo blocked out on the rear which could be for many reasons. Given that it may be for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus commercial, it may be added back again with enhancements given that it would usually be too small to see in the hands of Clooney.

No word when and if this commercial will air here in the US but given the recent string of Apple iPhone 4S commercials featuring actors Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel, we can see why smartphone manufacturers feel their need the celebrity touch to market their devices nowadays.

We’ve seen many celebrity sightings blogs about actors and actresses who use BlackBerries and iPhones but this would be one of the rare occassions to see an Android phone. Well enough chatter, check out the pictures below and more at the source.