Forget iPhone 5 ‘Slide To Unlock’, Fold To Unlock Requires Lot Less Precision [Concept]

While Apple may have invented the ‘slide to unlock’ feature that is now a standard on the iPhone and even some other smartphones out there on the market, it may be time for the Cupertino-based company to think about a refresh with the impending launch of an iPhone 5.

Fold to unlock would be a cool new feature in iPhone 5

One possible option is this clever new lock screen concept that designer Anton Kudin on Dribbble has created. Called fold to unlock, it basically has the screen fold and collapse to the side as you swipe your fingers across it. Now if you’re wondering what makes this any different that slide to unlock, it will require a lot less precision for one which is important when you happen to take the call while walking on a busy street or in a bumpy vehicle.

Now this isn’t a new concept either as we have seen designers use this in the past inside apps as well as on the Android platform via many of the third party lockscreen apps such as GoLockr and more. In fact, the Windows Phone 7 platform has something similar where you would slide the entire screen up (doesn’t collapse however).

What do you think of Kudin’s concept? Would you like to see it introduced in the iPhone 5 with iOS 6? If rumors serve true, while we may not see the iPhone 5 launch until sometime in the fall, iOS 6 may be revealed at WWDC 2012 on June 11th in San Francisco. Until then, check out the concept picture below.

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