Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Teaser: What Are The White/Blue Blobs?

By now you would have seen the official teaser video for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which will launch at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London on May 3rd.

While the video didn’t do more than throw a bunch of marketing terms and feature images of galaxies in order to hint that this is a Galaxy branded smartphones, there were a couple of oddities in it. Now we’re not talking about the sheep in the end which was an obvious potshot at iPhone fans. What we’re talking about is the white and blue blobs of liquid that have popped up in both Samsung Galaxy S3 teaser videos as well as the media invitations. What are these two hinting at? We took the blogosphere to do some research and the most popular answers were the following:

Samsung Galaxy S3 teaser: what’s with the blue and white blobs?

BGR: The folks over at BGR reported a couple of weeks ago that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be available in two color options. A white model and a blue/black models. So this could just be a way of hinting the color options.

Galaxies: Another popular story is that they represent three spiral galaxies in the local cluster; The white one is the Milky Way, the big blue one is Andromeda and the smaller blue one is Triangulum. So 3 galaxies i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3.

Liquidmetal casing: Given that the blobs have some sort of brushed aluminum effect overlay on them, word on the street is that it could be a hint that Samsung is ditching plastic and going with a more premium finishing for the casing, in this case liquidmetal. We’ve heard that Apple is also pursuing this zirconium based alloy for its iPhone 5 so it may not be too far fetched.

Stylus support: The last rumor, which may be the most far fetched of the lot, suggests that they are blobs from a paint palette and hint at Samsung’s pursuit to cater to creative types. So just like in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note, ther may be S-Pen support in the Samsung Galaxy S3.

What do you think the three blobs of blue and white may represent? Sound off in the comments below.

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