iPhone 5 Will Arrive This Fall But Come With A Summer Bod [REPORT]

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 appears to be garnering up a lot of attention due to its impending release, that hasn’t pushed iPhone 5 rumors out of the limelight just yet. This morning, new reports have come in suggesting that Apple may be prepping to build the thinnest smartphone yet, and will likely only release the device later in the year to tie up with the Christmas shopping spree.

iPhone 5 will only ship in the fall but come with a super-thin body (report)

Earlier this week, details surfaced about Apple using liquidmetal for the casing of the upcoming iPhone 5. It also mentioned that it would also feature a new display technology called in-cell. Today KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that the iPhone 5  will use this new tech which embeds the touch sensor within the screen. What this essentially means is that there is no need for an extra touch-sensitive layer bound to the screen and hence saving of an extra 0.44mm from the depth of the device.

The analyst goes on further to report that Apple plans to shatter the 8mm current record with the iPhone 5 using this display technology and Liquidmetal alloys which are strong despite their thinness.

In addition to actual iPhone 5 design, Kuo predicts that the iPhone 5 will ship in the fall so as to be available to the huge Christmas market given that the current economic conditions have forced many consumers to be more spendthrift. Kuo ends by saying that the iPhone 5 will more than likely just be called the ‘New iPhone’ following the path of the ‘New’ iPad.


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