Google Nexus Android 4.0 Tablet To Follow Nexus One Style Exclusive Online Sales Only?

Google tablets? The latest rumor floating around the internet is that Google is launching its very own range of tablets in the market. The new tablets are for all intents and purposes branded a Google product. Is it completely manufactured and run by Google? Well, not really. The tablet comprises of parts manufactured by companies like Samsung and Asus. In terms of software however, the tablet is purely Google. We aren’t sure when these bad boys will hit the market, but we do know they will be available to the public through an online store.

Google Nexus Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet to take on iPad 3 later this year?

Google Android tablet predecessors’ like the Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus Pad, although branded by Google, is not completely from Google. The skin of the tablets were not designed by Google itself. These range of tablets were designed by the manufacturers and thus had Motorola’s or LG’s own dash of personality embedded into the design of the tablet.

Google had tried something similar when they produced the Nexus One for the smartphone market. The launch failed to get the response they were hoping for. Other Android phones were on par with the Nexus One during its launch, and the device did not really take off. Considering Google has tried and failed with its line of smartphones, it is a bold move for Google to push through with its tablets into the market. Hopefully this time around, Google can come up with something better than the current Android tablets in the market.