[PICS] Apple Files iPhone 5 Related Patent, Home Button Looks To Remain

With the New iPad ‘3’ out of the way, the next most anticipated Apple device is the best-selling iPhone model. If rumors serve true, we will see the iPhone ‘5’ launch as early as this summer at WWDC 2012.

New iPhone 5 hinted in latest Apple patent

Just like with all Apple product launches, we won’t be able to confirm any features or specs until the actual day Apple unveils it. However what remains in the open is the patents Apple files with the trademark offices. Now the folks over at MobileWhack have stumbled on one to do with multiple antennas, a dead giveaway that this is for the next iPhone and not say the iPod touch or iPod nano. Check out the picture below.

The patent explains how Apple will be designing and isolating multiple antennas in the unnamed iOS device. Given the ‘Antennagate’ fiasco Apple went through wit the iPhone 4, it only makes sense that they have developed a new way to overcome this for the iPhone 5. As MW points out, “while it’s not official, it’s easy to assume that this technology might find its way into the upcoming iPhone 5, which is scheduled for release this year.”

On a side note, if you look at the filing and indicator #19, it appears that Apple will be keeping a physical home button. Given that this patent is hardware only, we can’t tell anything further (e.g. screen resolution, if it runs iOS 6.0 or not, etc). While it is no surprise that the hardware home button remains, we have been hearing multiple rumors that Apple planned to discard it along with making the bezel thinner in order to accommodate for a larger display and still keeping the overall phone dimensions close to the iPhone 4S.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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