Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Will Be A Triple Threat, 3 Next-Gen Variants Leaked

While the Amazon Kindle Fire is doing pretty well in the tablet market in terms of sales, it is nowhere near iPad numbers. And with the recent release of the New iPad ‘3’, the Kindle Fire has been further pushed out of the spotlight.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to come in 3 variants (report)

Now a new report from the Chinese Economic News Service which sites suppliers, claims that the long rumored Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will come in 3 variants: a entry-level 7-inch with 1,024×600 resolution; a mid-level 7-inch with 1280×800 display; and lastly the top-level 8.9-inch model with a beautiful 1920×1200 display.

With Amazon selling the current Kindle Fire at a ridiculously sub-$200 price tag despite incurring a loss, as well as Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan estimating that the company sold 4 million units during the holiday season alone, there are high hopes for the Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

To compete with New iPad 3 directly?

Nothing else is known about the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablets but if rumors serve true, we may see the high-end model get cameras, 3G and Bluetooth thrown in with its high-resolution dispay, pitting it directly with the New iPad 3 albeit at a lower price tag (estimated to be aroudn $250).

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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