[VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S3 May Wirelessly Charge Up To 6ft Away From Source

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the most anticipated Android smartphone of 2012 and likely up there with the likes of the rumored iPhone 5. And just like every year, it there are high expectations for this sole Android device that aims to give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money.

Samsung Galaxy S3 may bring wireless charging (rumor)

Now we’ve come across many rumors covering everything from a sharper display to a faster processor, but this once certainly takes the cake and if does prove true then will no doubt give the Samsung Galaxy S3 a leg up over the iPhone 5 in many respects.

New iPad 3 battery woes may carry on to future iPhone 5

We’ve already heard of complaints from New iPad 3 customers pointing out that the new tablet has trouble charging up. Given that it has a 70 percent larger battery to accommodate for the faster processor and 4G LTE, there is no avoiding this. So we can expect the same slow charging issues with the iPhone 5 when it gets a bigger battery to make up for that faster processor and LTE. That’s where a feature like wireless charging can come in handy. Read on.

According to the latest rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will boast wireless charging abilities that will allow the device to charge up to 2 metres away from the source. Below is a brief demo of similar technology from a company called Fulton. As you can see, it would mean that you could continue using your device while its charging and not be aware of it. Imagine a couple of these around your house and workplace.

The technology to be used to allow for this wireless charging in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to be developed in-house by Samsung.


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