Verizon iPhone 4 Now Faster Than AT&T iPhone 4S After iOS 5.1 Update? [TEST]

Well this is some strange bit of news that will no doubt upset some users while at the same time make others feel better about their older devices.

Unconfirmed test finds Verizon iPhone 4 faster than iPhone 4S

According to a test posted on YouTube which pits a Verizon iPhone 4 against the AT&T iPhone 4S in a speed test, the former is faster than the dual-core iPhone 4S in many navigational functions. Now we’re not exactly sure if this has to do with the carrier (although the user is connected on WiFi) or with the recent iOS 5.1 update.

This is the description that was posted along with the video (can be found at bottom):

**BOTH PHONES ARE ON THE SAME WI-FI NETWORK IN THIS TEST**… This is a comparison video that shows the VZ iPhone 4 running considerably faster than the AT&T iPhone 4S in certain navigational functions… Could it be a bug in 5.1? Is my phone fudged up?? I have no idea. Please share your thoughts in the comments!”

If this is in fact true then it certainly makes the Verizon iPhone 4 a good buy given its low price tag. We’ll try and get our hands on a Verizon iPhone 4 and AT&T iPhone 4S this week and see if we can replicate the test with similar results so stay tuned!

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