New iPad 3 Runs Hi-Res Version Of iPhone Apps In 2X Mode Unlike iPad 2

With the original iPad and iPad 2 both blowing up the iPhone-optimized apps on its screen at a dismal resolution, we were very worried as to how these non-tablet optimized apps would look on the even higher-resolution New iPad 3. Well the good news is that they look spectacular.

New iPad 3 makes iPhone optimized apps look better in 2X mode than iPad 2

We are not sure why there isn’t much chatter on the web about this but it is in fact very important. While the iPhone 4 & 4S brought a Retina Display and similarly optimized apps, the original iPad and iPad 2 did not support it and ran the same lower resolution graphics you would see on your iPhone 3GS. This of course looked terrible given that they were blown up twice the size.

Thankfully, the New iPad 3 now supports the Retina Display graphics which many iPhone apps were optimized for and as such doesn’t looks so pixelated and dull when you run it on the New iPad

So say goodbye to those blocky keyboards in 2x mode folks and find another reason to plunk out that extra hundred dollars for a New iPad 3 as tempting as it is to grab the iPad 2 at such a steal.

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