New iPad 3 Complaints: Runs Hot, Displays A Cool Tint

With the New iPad “3” now hitting the doorsteps of customers, reports are starting to come in on the first hand experiences these early users are experiencing. While the majority seem to be positive, there have been a couple of reports of problems experienced by iPad 3 users.

New iPad 3 has a slightly cooler tint over the iPad 2

We are receiving reports from readers that their New iPad 3 has a somewhat cooler tint versus the warmer colors the iPad 2 has. We haven’t had that issue with our New iPad 3 but with so many reports flooding our inbox, we thought we should point it out.

New iPad 3 running hot

Another issue reported that has been making its way around Reddit and Twitter is about the tablet’s temperature. Apparently, the New iPad 3 heats up pretty quick, nothing too hot to handle of course, but has raised a couple of concerns by buyers. Given that the New iPad 3 boasts a 70 percent larger battery and more processing horsepower, we wouldn’t be surprised if it runs a little hot especially if you have the screen brightness turned up high as well.

Have you experienced either of these problems with your New iPad 3? Have you come across other problems? Sound off in the comments below.