New iPad 3 Lines Gone By 10AM, Plenty Of Stock Remain

In what is a surprising turn of events on launch day of one of Apple’s most awaited products, the New iPad 3, the folks over at Pocket-lint have just reported that the popular Regent Street Apple Store in UK had its lines disappear by around 10AM, with plenty of stock still remaining.

New iPad 3 lines thinner than last year

The blog also happen to visit another Apple Store and found a similar scenario. These locations just happen to be one of the most crowded in the country last year when the iPad 2 was launched. Apparently queues were still building up to 7pm that year.

So what exactly could be the reason for the lack of New iPad 3 lines? With the iPad 3 praised by just about every blog and tech pundit, it certainly doesn’t seem like it was the product’s fault. If anything, it could be that Apple fans are slowly getting tired of queuing up outside Apple Stores on launch day after their experience last year with limited stock.

Did you stand in line for a New iPad 3 today? If so, how was your experience? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to include the location of the store you visited.