NBA Jam & FIFA 12 EA Games Hit Android!

The Google Play Store (previously called Android Market), just got two heavyweight EA titles added to its inventory – FIFA 12 and NBA Jam.

NBA Jam and FIFA 12 now available for Android on the Google Play Store

Now if you’re new to the games, let us explain. FIFA 12 is of course soccer and originally hit the App Store back in October. Android Xperia Play users were the only ones lucky enough to get to get in later that December. Now EA has finally opened it up to the rest of Android users with a price tag of $5 and Android 2.1+ devices.

Similarly, NBA Jam is another popular franchise that has just made its way to the Google Play Store as well. the famous arcade basketball game boasts 30 NBA teams and multiplayer via Bluetooth and WiFi. It will set you back $5 as well.

Both titles can be found on on the Google Play Store and will no doubt make their way up to the top of the list of best paid games very soon.

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