Walmart Jumps Gun, New iPad 3 16GB WiFi-Only Models Midnight Sale On Today?

By now you would have read all the confirmed reports that Walmart will begin the sale of the New iPad 3 at midnight instead of waiting for 8AM the next day like the Apple Store and other third party retailers.

New iPad 3 16GB WiFi-only models available at Walmart at midnight?

While these reports are swarming the Web and every source is saying that it is ‘confirmed’, the likelihood that Apple would allow a retailer to sell the New iPad 3 ahead of them is slim. As such, there is a growing thread over on Reddit where interested buyers are ringing up their local Walmart stores to see if this is true. The feedback doesn’t look too good.

Many Walmart employees have no clue as to a New iPad 3 midnight sale scheduled to start in a couple of hours. However there were some stores that have confirmed it but all have the same response – that stock is low and it is the New iPad 3 16GB WiFi-only model that is available (no color preferences either). Here are some of the Reddit posts from the callers:

“I called my walmart and they said they’ll sell it at 12:01 and they only have the black 16gb wifi versions. I’ll go check it out because I’m on spring break so no school tomorrow. ” – shaqfearsyao

“Sadly all they have At Bellingham Wal-Mart is 5 16GB iPad 3’s.” – DevinOlsen

“I just called and they said they have 5 of the 16gb only wifi models. Might try to get one.” – mittman

Hit the source link for the Reddit thread.