iPad Mini To Slide In Below iPad 2, $249 For 7″ Wafer Thin Bezel Tablet?

With the new iPad 3 being announced last week at a base price tag of $499, Apple went ahead and market its predecessor, the iPad 2, down to $399 (16GB WiFi-only model).

DT: iPad mini to join new iPad 3 later this year, take on Kindle Fire

While many critics claim that this will be able to hit at growing Amazon Kindle Fire sales ($199 Android tablet), DigiTimes reports that Apple may have another cheaper tablet on the horizon – an iPad mini.

According to the DT report, the iPad mini will feature a wafer thin bezel which will allow the screen occupy a larger portion of the tablet’s face given that it only measures in at 7.85-inches.

DigiTimes states that the iPad mini will likely be priced anywhere between $249 and $299 when it hits stores late 2012.

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